I ordered some prints of photos that I took in New York and Kefalonia yesterday afternoon from a site called “”.

Some of these pictures look really great when printed out onto real photo paper,(*congratulates self*) you know, the photo paper that we used to get when developing a standard 35mm film.
I have missed that stuff, it really does give photographs a kind of prestige that you don’t get when you’re just viewing them on the screen, and without a really expensive photo printer (ie. not an inkjet or anything like that) then there is no way to get the gloss shine and the pristine feel that you get when you pick the photos up from the 24hour developers.

I went for the larger (7″x5″) sized prints, and boy did they come out well. The quality is great, I can’t wait to show them off to everyone!

And, I have to congratulate Photobox for having an absolutely amazing service, totally second to none. The site is easy to use, even a monkey could get their photos printed and sent to them (keep that in mind all you digital camera using primates).
And, the speed. Just, wow.
I placed the order at 12:30 yesterday afternoon, had an email by 2:30pm telling me that they had been printed and mailed to me, and then received them this morning at 10am. Less that 22 hours after I filled out the order form. Woohoo.

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