Too dependant?

I think it really starts to show that the net is taking over your life when the letter that you give to your employer to notify them of your intention to leave your job is created using an online template.

This is exactly what I did today, courtesy of :p

I’m having to leave NTL due to the new rotas that they are imposing from the 6th of September.
If I stayed, I would be expected to work 10 different shifts in 10 weeks, ranging from starting at 730am to finishing at midnight, which compared to my existing shift which starts at 1030 and finishes at 630, is an absolute joke. Plus, the distance from work to my house would totally rule out being able to get home after 11pm or to work before 830am. So I physically would not be able to do it.

Therefor I have to quit. Of course, I’m not dumb enough to quit, then hope I’ll find a new job. So that’s why I’ve been job hunting for the last few weeks.
I’ve now secured a job at Lloyds TSB (or, subsiduary company, Blackhorse Finance) in Cardiff which will start on September 2nd.

I really don’t want to leave here as it’s the industry I want to be in, but since Fujitsu came in and took over the callcentre from NTL, I and most people around me have started to get the impression that they really do not want us here. The conspiracy theory being bounced around at the moment is that they are looking to piss as many “old-timers” off as possible so that they can hire new staff who are being paid less than us. (Staff starting since Fujitsu took over are being paid £2,000 a year less than those, like me, hired under NTL).

When I start at Lloyds TSB (those who aren’t from the UK should know that Lloyds TSB are one of the UK’s largest banks) my role will be a “default controller”, so basically calling up people who have fallen behind in payments on their loans.
Not a good job you’re thinking? That’s what I said too.
But, my father assures me (he is a manager in the department I will be working in) that I will be able to work my way into the IT department within a few months, should a vacany arise, so I have that to work towards.
A challenge? Yes, and I’m going to relish it.
Those who know me will know that there is nothing I hate more than being in a bone idle job which has no propects and love working towards a better position, not content with being where I originally started.


  1. Look into getting some redundancy payment from NTL – you have a strong case, even if it involves going through Claims Direct or one of those cheesy ads you always see on MTV at about 1am.

  2. Nah, it’s in my contract that they can change shift patterns at any time with one months notice. It’s standard contract for most people.

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