I’ve been meaning to post this for over a year now, finally got around to it.

I just find it amazing how this spoken by Bill Hicks way back in 1992, still holds it’s own today and the same scare tactics have been brought over to Gulf War 2.
In the early days of this current “war” all the news was plastered with was talk of “The Republican Guard”, and once again, they didn’t materialise and speak of them stopped, brushed under the carpet.

Nobody is to ever utter a word as to why the Americans faced absolutely NO resistance when rolling their tanks into Baghdad.

It’s so scary watching the news, how they blew it all out of proportion, like Iraq was ever, or could ever possibly, under any stretch of the imagination be any threat to us whatsoever. But, watching the news, you never would have got that idea. Remember how it started, they kept talking about ‘the Elite Republican Guard’ in these hushed tones like these guys were the bogeymen or something.

“Yeah, we’re doing well now, but we have yet to face-THE ELITE REPUBLICAN GUARD.”

Like these guys were twelve feet tall, desert warriors.


Yeah, well, after two months of continuous carpet bombings and not one reaction at all from them, they became simply, ‘the Republican Guard’. Not nearly as elite as we may have led you to believe. And after another month of bombing, they went from ‘the Elite Republican Guard’ to ‘the Republican Guard’ to ‘the Republicans made this shit up about there being guards out there’. We hope you enjoyed your fireworks show. “It was so pretty, and it took our mind off of domestic issues!”

– Bill Hicks, 1992.

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