I’ve been playing Doom3 for the past few days, and man is it immense.
Easily the best role playing game I’ve ever played.

It’s so amazingly scary, not just because zombies and monsters jump out at you past every corner, but also the way that the developers have used lighting effects to their advantage.

In some areas, the lights will be flickering, in some they will be totally off, except for maybe some red or green coloured lights coming from computers and wall panels, and in some areas, the lights will be on, but then all of a sudden just shut off, so it’s pitch black, and a pair (or more) of glowing red eyes can just be seen as it leaps towards you and starts to unsparingly maul you.

Heres one I shot earlier..and he still seems to be on fire (yea, he walked out through a broken and alight gas main, as you do)

I suggest that anyone who is a fan of any game whatsoever purchase, or at least play this game at a mates house and you’ll see what I mean, total carnage, but a great storyline too.

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