My first Stalker

I’m so happy :)

This guy is hilarious, he really is.
A few weeks ago, I wanted a Gmail account, so went to the site “” and swapped a years free hosting on my dedicated server for a Gmail account. Great, I thought.

So anyways, after a few weeks of happiness and not hearing anything about my new hostee, my sysadmin Nick gets back from Spain to find a message on his answerphone from our network providers, Ev1servers.

The message contained news that our server had been used to attempt to hack into and launch DDOS attacks on other servers. The server had to be unplugged from the network for several hours resulting in downtime for my site and all of Nick’s customers.
The logs that Nick received from Ev1 pointed the finger firmly at the user “smcinaz”, which was my new hostee, Sheldon Cooper. Nice.
Nick immediately suspended his account so he could no longer get access to it until we had launched a full investigation.

After perusing the logs and beefing up our security (which involved totally reinstalling Redhat, resulting in even MORE downtime) I decided to completely cancel his account and remove all trace of him from the server.

Since then, I have given him back a Gmail account so he is not out of pocket, but Nick and I have had many hours of aggrevation, not to mention all the time I’ve spent deleteing defamatory emails, comments posted to this site etc. etc.

This “man” claims to be a father and husband.
If this is true, I feel very, very sorry for his wife and children as he seems to be on a very low level of maturity himself.

Bearing in mind that all I did was cancel this persons account on MY server which I have a right to do as I own the server and make the decisions, and have never spoken a word of verbal abuse about this man (I have in fact been very calm with him, despite wanting to lose my cool on many ocassions),
Lets read some excerpts from his emails and you’ll see what I’m having to put up with:


You are definitely a mental case-get help, asshole, and maybe you can lead a productive life instead of being a piece of shit loser like you are now.
God, I wish I had you in fromnt of me right now-I would beat your skinny loser ass into a pulp for fucking with me, you stupid cock sucker.
Go kill yourself.

Here’s another..

I am really enjoying posting ALL OVER your lame shit site, Mr. LIER.

I will harrass you into oblivion if you do not refund my gmail. I have your
address and phone number now, too, so you can count on a few surprises soon.

Wow! If this guy has a wife and children, should the time he is spending writing defamatory emails to me be spent actually going out to work and making some money, instead of worrying about a stupid Gmail account or hosting for his very badly designed website.
A tip for you dude, clashing colours do not work and really do hurt your eyes, blue on blue? If I needed a computer technician and I saw your site, I’d laugh and go onto the next site of an engineer with a decent looking site, not one that looks like its been made with the “Geocities homepage creator”.

If you want to see Mr Coopers site, check out and see what I mean, ewwww.

Oh, and if you want to email him on my behalf and tell him exactly how childish he is, the address is



  1. Ose bruv, I red what u av to say about my m8 and I personnelly do’nt think its’ funny. Blatently u r the gay 1 cus u r colurblind (as are all gay ppl!) You seem to fink a low res. photo of an ice-capped mountain to advertise a company which operates in Phoenix, Arizona counts as “blue on blue” where clearly snow is WHITE as well as entirely out of place. Do’nt forget I kno were you live and I am a full-time Computer Technician with 18+ years of PC repair and upgrading experience, not a part-timer, and am available at your convenience.
    So you c, I fink I have made my point as and it is aparant YOU are the gay one in all this. I hope I made myself clear.

    Sheldon Cooper(‘s mate).

    ps – what’s a gmail?

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