Home entertainment system

Parents have gone away for the week to Spain, I’ve not got a job to go to for another week and a half, could there be a better situation?!

Left with an empty house, Laura and I are just lazing around the house, watching movies, episodes of Simpsons/Friends/Young Ones/Only Fools & Horses on the TV that I’ve hooked up to the PC.
It looks great in here, a full on home entertainment system.

Got the Laptop sharing the internet connection with the PC, so Laura and I don’t have to fight over internet access.
Got the PC outputting downloaded episodes of the above programs to the big screen TV and the Playstation 2, for which the amazing game “Manhunt” arrived the other day, is hooked up to both the big screen (for when we’re not watching anything) and a portable TV (for when Laura is watching something that I don’t want to watch).

I have to say, I’m considering keeping the PC down here, the 17″ TFT monitor goes well and looks good in here.

The parents will be back on Wednesday though, bah.
No work until Monday though. Oh happy day :)

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