Shameful exposé

I am disgusted to have to post about such dispicable, low acts of selfishness that are currently being commited on eBay.

Yes, eBay is great, yes it connects the world with products that may be hard to come by, but what I am talking about, is the sale of tickets for the Tsunami Aid concert that is being held at the millennium stadium in Cardiff for an extremely high markup with the seller quite obviously having no valid reason for the sale of the tickets other than pure greed and profit mongering.

For example, let us look at this auction, one of many others found on eBay, by “fronttickets”, a ticket company based in London. The starting bid on these tickets two tickets was £39.00. The postage & packing added on top of that, £4.99. These are the exact same type of tickets that I bought, directly from the millennium stadium, for £30 + 3.50 postage. Total, £33.50, and I can be assured that the bulk of that ticket price (95% apparently) will be donated directly to the charities operating in Asia that need it.
At this time, the tickets are, with 10 minutes to go, set to sell for £105 (plus p+p) with absolutely no doubt in my mind that 100% of those profits will be sent directly to line the pockets of the people in charge of the company that are re-selling them.

I have sent an email to all the sellers who clearly are just in the business of making profits from selling these tickets on eBay and I’m sure that I’m not the first to do so.

The email went like this,

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I think it is absolutely disgusting that you are selling tickets to this particular concert with such a high markup. A starting bid of £39.00? I paid, directly to the venue, £33.50, including postage and packing and can be assured that this is going to go to those in Asia that need the aid.
I’m pretty sure that the profits made, which are going to be quite considerable, from this auction will go no place else than to the lining of your pockets.

I’m also sure that your company nor anybody employed by you are currently not in desperate need of food aid, have been orphaned or have had had their houses destroyed and lives destroyed.

I hope you sleep well in the knowledge you are doing absolutely nothing to help a bad situation and are siphoning much deserved money from people who need and deserve it much more than you.


Nathan Collins”

Obviously this email will do nothing to stop the sale, but hopefully will give the seller such a guilty concience that it will vye them into giving at least part of their enormous profits to the DEC or another related charity.

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