An amazing sight..

An amazing sight..

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The above was taken at the Tsunami Relief concert at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on the 25th January, absolutely amazing. 61,000 people converged upon my home city to see the likes of Keane, Manic Street Preachers, Kelly Jones, Feeder, Jools Holland, Snow Patrol & the great Eric Clapton play an extremely long, but thoroughly enjoyable gig.

We got there at about 2pm, the gig started at 3 and didn’t leave until 11pm, the beer queues were huge, but we had the best seats in the house, the standing area. The views were amazing, we had the freedom to move around, it wasn’t as squashed as it looks on the TV or in photographs.
The atmosphere was electric, everybody was in high spirits from the get-go and I didn’t see one “kerfuffle” all day, even at the end when most had spent the entire day drinking.

You can find more pictures from the day on my Flickr account, some are courtesy of my great mate Daniel G. (Thanks Dan!)

On another gig related note, Laura managed to, for the second time in as many years, get tickets to the exclusive Stereophonics album launch gig that is happening this Thursday. We don’t as yet know where in South Wales it’s being held, we’re due to receive that information tomorrow but if ]the last time, for the “You’ve gotta go there to come back” album launch is anything to go by it’s going to be an amazingly intimate gig. It’ll be amazing.


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