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Kelly Jones

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The gig this evening was amazing, did not fail my expectations at all.
Kelly Jones was on top form after the harrowing experience of the stadium on Saturday where he was apparently backstage throwing up in unison with badly drawn boy in nervousness of playing solo in front of 61,000 expectant fans.

The gig was so intimate this evening, only about 200 people were there, tickets could not be bought, it was invite or giveaway only.
They played a few from their upcoming album, which very few people have heard, but from what they played this evening, it does look as though it going to be a cracker of an disc, much more back to their rock roots than the last two albums that the Stereophonics have put out there.
A lot of their classic tunes were belted out too with such enthusiasm, Local Boy, Bartender & The Theif, Too many Sandwiches, etc.
I was surprised also that they played a b-side from one of the performance and cocktails singles, one of my favourite Stereophonics tracks of all time, Raymonds Shop. The atmosphere was amazing.

After receiving so much stick for firing Stuart Cable (which I do still think was a very big mistake as I have a lot of respect for Stuart as a musician and performer) on the drums I think this may be the album that puts the Stereophonics back on the map.

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