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Morrissey – Under the influence

under the influence

The Grave Maurice, now

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Found quite a hilarious write up about “The Grave Maurice”, the pub who’s front was used as the background to the album cover of Morrissey’s “Under the Influence” album (2003).

The excerpt “..(the cover picture was taken) shortly after the Maurice changed hands – if you go in there now you are likely to get your bag snatched, its not funny or clever and the landlord isn’t interested in Morrissey fans.”

I was planning a pilgrimage there on my next visit, but perhaps I shall change my plans now, or make it just a whistle stop?

There are hundreds of places from Morrissey & The Smiths album covers and videos that I plan on visiting, or am still working out where they actually are so that I can visit.
Fairmount, Indiana (USA) being one of the Mozza related destinations, he can be seen visiting there in the 1988 video for Suedehead.
The significance of Fairmount, IN to Mr Morrissey is that it is the hometown of his hero, James Dean. In the video he can be seen walking around the snow laiden town taking photographs, eating in diners, visiting James Deans’ old school and home and even riding around on a tractor :P it really is quite cool.

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