the love of richard nixon

Milhouse Van Houten

Seperated at birth, can’t you see?

Richard Milhouse Nixon

Just when I thought I would never find anything weirder in this already fucked up world, I learned today that the name Milhouse, that of Bart Simpsons best friend as I’m sure you’re already aware, is not actually just a made up name, it is infact the middle name of the beloved traitor, former president of the yoonited states, Richard Nixon.
Richard, Milhouse, Nixon. Bloomin ‘eck.

Also, on another weirder, slightly more disturbing note, plastered on the inside pages of most tabloid newspapers today, you may have seen the story about the man from Caerphilly (near me, South Wales) who cut off his own testicles after the Welsh rugby team beat England on Saturday just gone.
This was after he told fellow drinkers at a social club, “If Wales win I’ll cut my balls off”.

See Yahoo news..


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