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Above, closed; Below, Opened

Spent the morning yesterday awaiting delivery of my new toy, the second so far in February, the other, a Sanyo S750 was sent back due to the fact it was an inadequate piece of junk. Or, maybe that’s being a bit harsh. It was a good go for Sanyo’s first mobile phone, but they definitley need to put it through an “annoying features” screening before releasing any future models.

Anyway, back to my original point.
I took delivery yesterday of the brand new Orange SPV M2000 that has recently been released (aka. Qtek 9090, O2 XDA IIi, T-Mobile MDAIII).
Firstly, I’m amazed at the size of it, for all the features that it packs in there, its absolutely tiny.
No bigger than your standard 240×320 screen sized PDA.
It manages to pack in a QWERTY keyboard that slides down as if from no-where, now this keyboard cannot be used with 10 fingers as its so tiny, but with two fingers you can bash out a short email or an IM in timely fashion. After all, that’s what a PDA is for, it’s not there to replace laptops or PCs.

Another feature it has in there, which is pretty impressive since at the moment only relatively higher-end pda’s have started slipping it in there (HP Ipaq 4700 for example), and that is Wi-Fi, 802.11b capabilities. If you’re in a wi-fi hotspot, or within distance of your home/office WLAN, you can use it to connect to the internet/LAN and surf the web, collect mail, and even, as I found this evening, connect to networked drives/folders just as you would with a laptop connecting to a host network, very nice indeed.

All the other standards that has come to be expected with mobile phones are also included, Bluetooth, GPRS, handsfree etc.

But, it still isn’t really a phone, or at least, I wouldn’t class it as one. It really is a PDA with phone software and place for a sim-card. If you put it side-by-side with a HP Ipaq or any other Windows Mobile running devices and a Nokia mobile phone, there really is no comparison. This baby is Pocket PC all the way.

The touch screen is beautiful, the colours are vivid, the screen is responsive, the operating system fully skinnable and customisable, and what can I say about the 400mhz Intel processor but, phwooar. It runs like a dream and the 64mb of ram + 64mb SD Card for storage really helps it become a dream machine.

But now, at least I have something that is easy to carry around, keep up with email (yes, its fully gmail compatible) on and never forget those all important calendar events with. Plus when I go to New York (in 2 days time might I add) I can check my mail during the day without having to be weighted down by my laptop whilst navigating the streets and subways of Manhattan.

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