God bless Wifi


Breaking through the frontiers of new technology, I come to you this day from the departure lounge of Heathrow Aiport’s terminal 3, connected to a wireless hotspot on my laptop. How excellent is that? :p

I haven’t used wifi outside of my own LAN before and it really is an exciting thing, for me anyway. My travelling partners (my family and Laura) think that I’m quite sad, but I say “phah!” to them :D

At £5 an hour, I don’t think it will become that much of a habit (though BTOpenzone do have a good offer on at the moment of 500 minutes for £5, but unfortunately only t-mobile is available here)

Our flight departs at 8:20GMT, due to arrive at JFK 11:00EST, we’re flying American Airlines and I made sure in advance that I was sat in a seat with a powerport so that I can use my notebook for the duration of the flight as I have loaded it with Simpsons & South Park episodes plus various movies. Excellent planning if I may say so myself.

So anyway, a long flight ahead and I have some magazines to get so, arrivederci and I’ll post when I find a hotspot in NYC (of which there are thousands)

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