Are you going to do it Rhodri?


Jamies School Dinners. Never watched it, but it seems as though it is making some difference. How much? Well it’s left to be seen.

The government has pledged, in England, £280m to improve school meals. Now, we all know what school meals are like, we all had them, we all did our best to make it look as though we had eaten more than we actually had by putting the mashed potato in your pocket and as many peas as possible underneath a slice of bread.

But, was I surprised to see in a BBC News report that Cardiff council spend the least in Wales, per pupil, than anywhere else in Wales? No.
A whopping 40p per child per meal.

On the high street today, what can you buy for 40p?
A mars bar, just about..
A packet of crisps, with 5p change.

Just what do they make these meals out of is what I would like to know.

Also, will the Welsh Assembly follow suit in driving to give the children of Wales the nutrition they need in these days of Big Mac’s and Coca-Cola by the bucket?

After all, school is a place of learning, why can health not be a part of that education in the classroom and at break times?

I knew it!

I knew there was something more to Morrissey and The Smiths than just great music and handsome lyrics.

The Smiths are going to be studied by scholars from around the world for two days next week, reports BBC News.

“They looked like nobody else and sounded like nobody else, and their music had an emotional depth that moved people in a way that no band has managed before or since.”

do they know more than we?

The Aussies are at it again with their future telling madness.

“Parker Bowles is to marry Prince Charles, who will take the throne once his mother Queen Elizabeth dies, on April 8” says todays Sydney Morning Herald.

After reading it however, I think they may have formatted their sentance a little wrongly. Or, I could go to the betting shop and place a £5,000 bet now and bank on them being right?

will it end?

Uh Oh, another school shooting.
I wonder which celebrity the crazy christians and republicans will use as a scapegoat this time. Marilyn Manson isn’t as popular as he was in 1999 during the Columbine era, so it won’t be him. Eminem has had his day, I think they have used him a bit too much.

A movie this time perhaps? There have been quite a few violent movies out in the past few years.

Hey, perhaps they’ll go all out this time and blame an event!
Perhaps the holocaust? Or the Rwanandan genocide? After all they were very violent and kids could easily have learned from them.

I mean, it wasn’t like this kid was fucked up anyway.
His father commited only suicide, his mother is in a nursing home with brain damage after a car accident and the other kids at school taunt him constantly because he’s a “Goth kid”. Who hasn’t had this happen to them at least once in their lives? What a crybaby.

What I’m getting at here is, as the story is just breaking here there is no doubt in my mind there are numerous groups getting together to find the new face of their smear campain to ban anything other than love of your leader and love of the lord when the real issue is about child support. Was this child being cared for properly given his situation? Was he getting councelling, being visited by support workers, social services?

After the Columbine shootings in 1999 Christians started picketing Marilyn Manson concerts and burning Eminem CD’s. They even tried to get Marilyn Manson prosecuted in Italy because they claimed that two girls who killed a nun was influenced by his music.

It will be a sad day when they decide on their new target.

the sun shines out of his behind?

Why don’t we just start giving arrogant wankers and drug addicts medals? Pete Doherty, everyones favourite smackhead is certainly making a great living being a festering boozehound and crackhead.

Seriously though, why are they so lax on this man?
Just a month or so ago, the new chief of the MET comes in, and his opening statement was that he will be cracking down on drugs and made a special point of including the fact that “weekend drug users”, the white collar people who use just a little amount on the weekend in the privacy of their own homes or at private parties are not above the law and will be targeted.
Pete Doherty runs amok around Londons top clubs, picture on the front of the tabloids absolutely fucked out of his skull, you can tell he’s not drunk, everyone knows he’s not drunk, yet, when he is arrested (not on drugs charges, might I add), he gets out on bail, of which the conditions seem “flexible”.
At the end of February, his curfew was extended to midnight so that he could play a gig at Brixton Academy.
This man is out on bail, after charges of robbery and blackmail, and he gets special treatment? Seriously, what is going on?
So I say, why don’t we give all criminals a little special treatment now and again? They deservee it don’t they? Being locked up all day in a dingy cell can’t be nice.