The love of Richard Nixon (Part II)

Getting back from a holiday is quite possibly the most depressing time of the year. Trying to fit back into your old routine after being free and easy for so long, even if it’s just a week.

The New York lifestyle fits me down to the bone, nobody looks at you funny if you pull out a camera and photograph something that may seem trivial to them. Nobody cares if you’re out running at 7am when the temperature is -1 degree and it’s snowing. Everybody just takes everything in their stride, they’ve seen it all. I love that.

After my last post, we managed to do all the NYC Touristy stuff, Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Times Square (thrice) etc. etc. Oh, and a lot of shopping. The Bankruptcy proceeding are next week (joke..)

But seriously, New York is the greatest city. If I ever pack up and leave my native Wales, that is my place of choice. I want a little pad in SoHo, with my own iMac and groovy stuff on the walls, it’s my dream.

Flights are boring, hot, awkward and from the flight back, I’ve now added a new adjective to go with flying. Annoying. And, my dismay of the attitudes of American people has also been reaffirmed.
In general the average Yank is an obnoxious arse*, I tell you. Ask any normal Brit, when flying, do you lean your chair the entire way back so that it crushes the person behind you? 9.5 out of 10 will answer, NO.
Americans however think that it is their right, part of the Bill of Rights if you will, to lay their seats right the way back without considering the poor person(s) (namely Laura & I) behind them, then when asked if would go forward just a little so that we can at least breath a little, snarl and sigh before letting up about half an inch.

I have more to blog, later. I promise.

I’m sure this generalisation only applies to the percentage of the population that vote for Republican, I mean, what person who doesn’t think only about themselves and their wellbeing votes Republican?


  1. Ow. I have the ‘as lightweight as an elephant’ model… widescreen laptops are wrong. My eyes will never fully recover.

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