After reading BBC News article “Baby is refused St Davids photo“, I’m left quite confused as to why the BBC are carrying this as news.
I know we all know that nothing much goes on in Wales, thus BBC Wales has to use even the most mundane stories just to fill the pages, but I don’t quite get what angle they are taking here.

Basically, if the rules for getting a free photo are that you have to be wearing a Welsh rugby shirt, or traditional Welsh costume, and you do not comply with that, then is it not right that you do not get it?
I mean, we have terms & conditions for a reason, do we not? Else, as i’m sure you can appreciate, there would be anarchy.

I mean, if this was a store, there was an offer whereby if you spent £25 to qualify for £5 off, and you spent £24, could you complain?
Well, you could, but you’d be shot down citing the rules of the offer.

Are BBC Wales highlighting this story because of the race of the people involved? Trying to hint that Swansea council’s decision was somehow race related?
The BBC are definitley taking the side of Mrs Nessa, rather than that of the council, this point is clearly made through the tone of the article.

I do fail to see the point of this story, Wake up BBC! Comments appreciated.


  1. They always go out of their way to use the most boring stuff as news, regardless of whether or not a lot goes on in Wales.
    My dad rants every evening about how Welsh news on TV is only EVER about hospitals. Its true, watch it tomorrow.. “..a man from Cardiff had to wait 6 months to have his hip replaced”.. I mean come on!
    I know this isn’t totally related to your post but ugh, Welsh news SUCKS.

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