“The Office pips Fawlty Towers to comedy crown”

The BBC have posted an article in which it claims The Office has come top of a poll to find the funniest TV show of all time.

Who have they been polling? Certainly not me or anybody else that truley appreciates comedy, I can assure you of that.
Whilst The Office was good, it certainly is not the best of all time.

Fawlty Towers should definitely have won this one by a clear landslide.
It is a classic, a British institution, I dare you to try and show me of a whole 30 minutes worth of non stop hilarity that is better than the Basil Fawlty “Germans” episode (pictured above).

Do the poll again in a few years when the fuss over Gervais’ show has died down and we once again start to remember the real classic comedy series.

The poll does however, reaffirm the fact that we all knew anyway, the British make the best comedy.

Apparently, Out of the top 30, 19 were British and 11 were American shows.


  1. I’ve always wondered just who votes in these “polls”. I’d imagine people not old enough to remember Fawlty Towers…

  2. *sigh* I give up. The office is like some sort of StrangeGervaisiandemi-comedicflangeoddity from Ely. Each episode consists of approximately 3 full minutes out of what is it? a 25minute episode? of ‘amusement’. The rest it seems is simply filler, and then it always ends on a stupid line that doesn’t make any rational sense and leaves you thinking ‘Why the hell did I waste 25 minutes of my life watching this poop?’. Fawlty Towers is *towers* above ‘the orrifice’, and I think you’ll find it’s the bbc that are FAWLTY. So suck my flange you arabian carpet smothering warthog handler!!!!!!


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