the sun shines out of his behind?

Why don’t we just start giving arrogant wankers and drug addicts medals? Pete Doherty, everyones favourite smackhead is certainly making a great living being a festering boozehound and crackhead.

Seriously though, why are they so lax on this man?
Just a month or so ago, the new chief of the MET comes in, and his opening statement was that he will be cracking down on drugs and made a special point of including the fact that “weekend drug users”, the white collar people who use just a little amount on the weekend in the privacy of their own homes or at private parties are not above the law and will be targeted.
Pete Doherty runs amok around Londons top clubs, picture on the front of the tabloids absolutely fucked out of his skull, you can tell he’s not drunk, everyone knows he’s not drunk, yet, when he is arrested (not on drugs charges, might I add), he gets out on bail, of which the conditions seem “flexible”.
At the end of February, his curfew was extended to midnight so that he could play a gig at Brixton Academy.
This man is out on bail, after charges of robbery and blackmail, and he gets special treatment? Seriously, what is going on?
So I say, why don’t we give all criminals a little special treatment now and again? They deservee it don’t they? Being locked up all day in a dingy cell can’t be nice.


  1. his curfew was extended as one of the ideas of police curfew is to allow *criminals* (using term loosely) to still ~legally~ make a living in their chosen profession. Extending it by two hours to allow him to play a gig, given that he is a musicion isn’t exactly special treatment.

    just a thought..

  2. While I agree with Matt on that point, I can’t see why this man isn’t put on a “undertake daily rehab sessions and take bloodtests IF YOU WANT TO be able to continue your career and not end up in a cell” program.

    Just a thought

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