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Jamies School Dinners. Never watched it, but it seems as though it is making some difference. How much? Well it’s left to be seen.

The government has pledged, in England, £280m to improve school meals. Now, we all know what school meals are like, we all had them, we all did our best to make it look as though we had eaten more than we actually had by putting the mashed potato in your pocket and as many peas as possible underneath a slice of bread.

But, was I surprised to see in a BBC News report that Cardiff council spend the least in Wales, per pupil, than anywhere else in Wales? No.
A whopping 40p per child per meal.

On the high street today, what can you buy for 40p?
A mars bar, just about..
A packet of crisps, with 5p change.

Just what do they make these meals out of is what I would like to know.

Also, will the Welsh Assembly follow suit in driving to give the children of Wales the nutrition they need in these days of Big Mac’s and Coca-Cola by the bucket?

After all, school is a place of learning, why can health not be a part of that education in the classroom and at break times?


  1. You have to admire Jamie’s sudden interest in Children eating healthy food – given the millions he made advertsing Sainsburys, and amongst other things, Blue Parrot Cafe ready meals (processed food) for children…


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