Happy Birthday Gmail!

And a very happy birthday it is too. Not only has it succeeded in becoming my main, and now only mail provider (all my other email address now forward all mail to Gmail), and a good job it is doing too, but to celebrate the 1st birthday, Google are increasing the capacity of all accounts.

The capacity is now, apparently, infinity+1. According to their graphs and alithograms anywho.

There is a counter on the main page which is counting up, in bytes, at approx .25 bytes a second, and as that increases, so does the storage space allocated to users.

Currently at 2052mb (just over 2gb), with the speed it is going, we should hit 3gb in about a month, if they do continue with the project, unlimited storage could possibly be possible! (Although there really is no such thing as unlimited storage…)

Woohoo! Go Gmail!

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