I was bored before I even began


It’s a big week in the land of Morrissey.

The DVD of his Manchester performance last year, Who put the M in Manchester, his first hometown performance in many years has been released this week. An extravagent show which went on for 19 whole classic songs looked like an absolute corker which I did try to profusely to get to, but failed miserably such was the demand from the Mancunians.

Also, the audio cd, Live From Earls Court has been released this week too! I told you it was an exciting week..
I was impressed the way they did this. Usually when live gigs are released, they relase the same concert on both DVD & CD, therefor not giving very much variety.
But, Morrissey has been clever, thought of this in advance and really has come out on top, releasing the biggest show of the year on DVD and a different show on CD so that there is an incentive to buy both and not one or the other.

Also, as if that was not enough. I received my copy of the ultimate fan movie today, direct from the USA.
“My life with Morrissey”
‘The outrageous tale of a Morrissey fan gone wrong’

Jackie, a hard working assistant at a TV studio, pours herself into her work with an odd enthusiasm that her co-workers embrace with mixed feelings.

An obsessed Morrissey fan, hwe off hours are spent talking to posters and photos that plaster her apartment. Her nights are spent scouring places Morrissey has been spotted around L.A…

One fateful night things take a turn for the worse when by chance her dream comes true. Meeting Morrissey in a deserted parking lot, Jackie’s world is suddenly turned upside down.”

It’s an independent film which never received a cinema release but did get shown at a few film festivals, which was where it one the Audience Award at the Black Point Film Festival.
I can’t wait to see it, sounds absolutely amazing.


  1. I often find the things that are most anticipated and sound the greatest turn out to be terrible. (anyone remember the Palme D’or-winning ‘Elephant’?)

    so so so… how was it? :P

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