Thai break


Here’s a link to an article in today’s G2 section of The Guardian that would interest Dan.

It describes how Pattaya on the South coast of Thailand, some 90 miles from Bangkok has become the new ‘Costa Del Crime’, the name given to the Costa Del Sol in Spain which from the late 1970’s until the mid 1980’s, after the collapse of the extradition agreement between Spain and the UK, became ‘the place to be’ for British criminals on the run from the law.

Apparently in order to disguise prostitution as legitimate business, you have to ask the barman/maid to give you a “Bar Fine” which is usually around 750 Baht (£10) and then is your cue to exit, Thai woman on tow.

Just a few tips for you there Daniel ;) (Who is heading out for Thailand at the end of this week..)

The Guardian | G2 | Great Escape


  1. (Firstly I apologize to Nate for never commenting on his blog which I *do* actually read and I promise I will comment on a lot more often)

    Well I’m sure Dan will find plenty of fun activities to keep himself occupied in Thailand. ANd if Dan reads this, remember to take your Maleria tablets, I forgot to take mine and it raises paranoia levels, oh and stay away from mosquitoes. See you soon Nate (and Dan – enjoy yourself;)) x

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