Louder than bombs


The Green Party has today launched its election manifesto but it will only be available from the web in pdf format in the hope that only those who actually need to print it out will do so in a bid to re-affirm their position as the eco-friendly party.

I for one like the idea, somebody at the Green Party definitely had their thinking caps on that day and really boosted the credibility of the party. The amount of manifestos that must be printed by each party and I would imagine the amount of wastage to be quite high.

The amount of manifestos, over all the parties that go unread, unallocated and end up spending the duration of its life sitting in the box in which it came in, before being thrown into the rubbish bin, could be quite substatial.

Plus, having your manifesto available on the web is a great idea as I don’t know where to get paper manifestos from, not least from all the different parties, so the convenience of them being just a click away must be beneficial to the party who makes them available because they are potentially netting themselves a substantially larger audience.

See the online manfiesto

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