Only on ebay..


Vote selling. Now, its not unheard of. Last year another British man put his vote in the European, mayoral and London assembly elections up for sale on eBay. (link)

This year for the British general election the idea has been taken on by numerous web-entrepreneurs with bids starting as low as 99p.
Unfortunately these auctions have been closed after the electoral commission contacted eBay citing section 113 of the Representation of the People act (1983) (link) which from what I can see bears no relevance to vote selling whatsoever.

That section of the act actually refers to the sale of the electoral register. There is no way that I can see under this act there are any grounds for prosecution if you sell your vote.

Are there any law students or solicitors who read this blog that can come to my rescue and confirm or deny if section 113 of the Representation of the People act bears any relevance to vote selling?


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