Asian Rut

Hmm. Let’s play with Nathan’s blogmachine while I wait for the taxi…
Land of the Ties, with a quick en route to Amsterdam International Airport, which’ll hopefully yield some interesting stories. Did you know the Thai’s have no word for “no” ? But saying ‘meow’ suggests you’re not interested. Fascinating stuff.

One good thing about Thai-ese is that you have to remind people of your gender by saying either “crap” or “craa” at the end of each sentence. That would be so helpful in Florida when you meet those fat sweaty long-haired genderless gorilla people in queues… hopefully it’ll help me spot the ladymen there. Wowohwow there are builders in my roof and they’re building an up-upstairs and, um, yeah. I’m gonna go to Thailand now


P.s. – everyone download Morrissey – Sing Your Life and boogie on down to it.

p.p.s – fact: I know someone who got hit in the head with an aeroplane.

Dan is Daniel Grosvenor, a good friend of mine who is guestblogging here at hintofsarcasm during his trip to Thailand. Dan will have his own site setup when he gets back, we’ll be sure to let you know the address.


  1. Well well well well well well well….

    Let us all wish Monsieur Grosvenor a flabulous time in the land of TIES. I just hope he doesn’t get attacked by a fly, or a badger’s pie.


    Peace and good flange to all.

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