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Rule #1 for surviving in Thailand: Do NOT drink the water. ever. Don’t even brush your teeth with it – it’s that lethal.

Well, suffice to say arriving in the Thai New Year Festivities ensured we broke this rule pretty quickly ~ as it’s an ancient custom to enter the new year by throwing a combination of mud and water at every single person you encounter, then run up and smear goo on their face and clothes as a sign of good faith. I think I swallowed half of Thailand… :s

anyways, a day has passed and I seem to still be alive. I just met a 400ft Buddha and burnt my feet as shoes aren’t sacred, and am now seething with annoyance at the fact I’ve found a computer with a USB port **but** my new camera is so ‘sophisticated’ it doesn’t fit the end of the cable I brought!!!!! *cries* (I really should’ve checked that before I left, I know) But never fear as there’s a Kodak place round the corner that claims to be able to put them on a CD for me. (not that this thing has a CD drive; but I’ll find one)

Dum dum dum. My story so far: Within 5 minutes of arrival in wherever I am (it’s the place at the beginning of The Beach where the crazy guy cuts his wrists!) we met a lost Canadian guy ((from Canada!)) called Austin who followed us around and I used him unsuccessfully as a human shield against all the mud. Then we took over the world and ate some chicken.

Thought of the moment: I wonder if the word ‘barter’ originates from Thai baht. It’s impossible to use one without the other.

oh, and we chose the 1,500 baht hotel (about 20quid <-- there is no 'pound' sign on this keyboard!) over the 150 ones as some things are just a little *too* cheap to be good.... Dan out. Dan is Daniel Grosvenor, a good friend of mine who is guestblogging here at hintofsarcasm during his trip to Thailand. Dan will have his own site setup when he gets back, we’ll be sure to let you know the address.


  1. Hey Dan – on your way home from Thailand – pop into a local shop and purchase some 200 marlboro RED cigarettes and keep the reciept and I shall pay back every penny or baht..whatever. I’m glad you’re having a good time, I’d rather be in Thailand than in the gross weather we’re having here. Can’t wait to see your photos =) Sera x

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