I should vote Green?

Apparently so, says “WhoShouldyouvotefor.com”.

Though I still think I’ll be voting Liberal Democrat..

Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:

Liberal Democrat

Your actual outcome:

Labour -8
Conservative -37
Liberal Democrat 66
UK Independence Party 1
Green 70

You should vote: Green

The Green Party, which is of course strong on environmental issues, takes a strong position on welfare issues, but was firmly against the war in Iraq. Other key concerns are cannabis, where the party takes a liberal line, and foxhunting, which unsurprisingly the Greens are firmly against.

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  1. Voting is for obese arabian baggage handlers who poke their fannies into other people’s armpits. I think politicians should all be rounded up, stuffed into a space shittle and flown to thy southern hemisphere to live with the penguins and fall over when looking at planes.

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