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Phew. *wipes sweat from brow*
Well I’ve taken a break from labourosly slaving away at the beach and found a computer in the hotel (or ‘Guest House’). I’m hoping it’s included in the bill altho as everything costs around 20p here I’m not too worried if it isn”t.

Since the Songkran Festival ended and we scraped all the mud out of our eyeballs it’s been pretty interesting. We spent from Friday to Monday in Khao San, which, to quote Alex Garland “Serves as a decompression chamber between the East and the West.” The Thais are the most Westernised and the evidence is everywhere. It’s interesting to see how the Thais adapt to the onslaught of tourism and the west; it couldn’t be more different from Paris with it’s “I love the Eiffel Tower” T-shirts at every corner. These guys manage to maintain the culture, and have adapted rather than be overwhelmed by tourism.
While I hate haggling with poverty it seems impossible to walk down a street without being mobbed by people of all ages trying to sell you ‘top of the range’ pirate CDs, DVDs and very bad Rolexes. Patpong goes a step up the capitalist ladder with their programs which, judging by the number of fat balding white men I saw with beautiful Thai girlfriends, works very successfully. Definately a great place to start a holiday as you don’t get too much of a culture shock too soon.

P.S. — 4/20 and a new pope! Woot!

Kein Mitleid von Popus en Wienerszchnitzel… wouldn’t it be so cool to speak German?

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