Fried Lice


They aren’t big on seatbelts over here; in fact, they aren’t big at all. The average Thai is about the same size as Flora (who incidentally has a town named after her here ~ ‘Floraville’!)

Wherever I go they ask me

“You wan’ fly lice?”

but I’m not too partial to insects since I developed tastebuds at about the age of 2. Still, if I don’t find a restaurant that serves rice before too long I may just resort to eating the insects.

On Monday we left Khao San in style (a 3 hour cab ride that came to 20squid) and arrived a little further south in a seaside resort called Hua-Hin. It’s a lot more “cultured” in that the Tuc Tucs (motorbikes with carriages for passengers) don’t all have motors and the drains can’t cope with any form of toilet paper. (don’t ask)
The restaurants are all on the end of piers which makes for a nice view, however, and the beach has a wonderful breeze which is only obscured every *10 or 11* minutes by someone trying to sell you a priceless forgery, which isn’t too bad. The number of cats and dogs roaming around is surprising – I saw a dog riding on a moped which has to be a first. We’ve been told animals probably all carry Rabies so not to stroke them tho :(

Dad seems to want to get to Ko Pha-Ngan island for the Full Moon Party this Saturday, so tonight we’re taking a nightbus all the way down south. I assume it must become airborne at some point as we’re going to an island – so that should be interesting.

In other news, I had a near-death experience to last me until…my next one. Caught a Cyclo (a bicycle with small carriage attached on back) driven by a man who was quite possibly Ghandi’s great great grandfather. Just close your eyes and imagine swaying side to side, and travelling at about -0.004mph on a main road and you’ll see why that’s pretty scary….

Hmm. I should probably dash off now as I’ve been on here a millennia, but some confused guy who has no idea how long I’ve been sitting here just told me it’s 50p an hour. I love the prices here!

Final thoughts: Everyone (yes, everyone) read ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland (no, seeing the movie doesn’t count). Not only is it hilarious and brilliantly well written, but it describes Thailand terrifically and just generally kicks a lot of ass. So read it.

Final Final thoughts: Who’s up for Thailand next year? We can eat out every meal, every day for a week and it’ll come to about 120quid max!

Quote of the moment,

“I don’t want you to go to Thailand! Unless you can continue to email me. If not, you stink.”

-Ellie the strange faerie type thing

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