Yeah, I nearly forgot – I got some photos online! (I love Thai Kodak girls!)

Currently I only have my first memory stick on CD and this alleged 1mb Broadband is taking ages, so I’ve uploaded a bunch of them and will try and add more later on from my other sticks. The Thai boxing photos are quite insane!

In other news, Thai kick-boxing kicks ass – literally. Last night we watched two 12-yr-olds almost KO eachother…it was insanity. The most interesting thing about the boxers was the match between two 18-yr-olds – as one of them had a swastika tattooed on his chest! (next a Christian cross, of all things) However I imagine he didn’t actually know what it meant or stood for, and just thought it looked cool. Then he got knocked out and it was quite funny. >=)

Peace Out.

Dan is Daniel Grosvenor, a good friend of mine who is guestblogging here at hintofsarcasm during his trip to Thailand. Dan will have his own site setup when he gets back, we’ll be sure to let you know the address.


  1. Hey man, I just caught all of your comments today!. The pictures are brilliant, looks like you’re having a kick-ass time!! I just got a phone call from >>LUKEN< would you believe, phoning live from SWITZERLAND which was class!. He's coming home *May 7th*!. Apparently he's been snowboarding a lot, and making monkey in a strange currency. He also fell off a mountain and broke his ear. I just realised I said 'monkey' instead of money. Anyway......... Obviously we shall all give him a welcome home flabbing Mcdoodle, however Master Grosvenor esq. will still be in Thailand. Soo, how's about we all have a MASSIVE HYYYYAAAWWWJ *joint* homecoming Mcsplat When Dan comes home for both Dan and Luke?. That shall be cool. And then in the coming months or even next year, we shall all organize a trip to either Thailand or Switzerland or Australia *together*. SERIOUSLY. You wetbag otters on acid. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarglheimen! ~ Lord Julius p.s. Dan, MARC has applied for the Garden Centre! and I spoke to MIKE PATTERSON the other day who was there with his mum!.

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