An interesting take..

The Times are dubbing this “The Basil Fawly election“, as in “Sssh, Don’t mention the war!”

I would dare to agree, so far there has been very very minimal talk from any party, especially Labour & the Conservatives about Iraq.
Considering this was the most important issue of 2003 and most of 2004, I thought it would have been high on their adgenda. Obviously I was wrong, unless we’ve got it all to come? Which would be a pretty silly idea on their parts as we all know that whatever is said closer to the election is what will stick in the minds of voters and potentially decide their vote.

Pretty much most of the country is against the war, or at least, not completely for it, according to opinion polls*.
Our war was nothing like the American war, there was nothing patriotic about it, nobody that I have spoken to about it has felt that we needed to do it to sustain our safety and security, especially now that it has been revealed that we were lied to for the most part.
The intelligence was flawed? Was there actually any intelligence in the first place? It looks to me as if they made it all up off the tops of their heads, a nice bit of improvisation by the government.

*The latest MORI poll, conducted 17-21 February 2005 gives the following results about the war in Iraq. 1,948 people 18+ were polled.

  (All) 18+ 55-64 65-74 75+
  (1,948 ) (321 ) (303 ) (179 )
  % % % %
Approve 28 25 23 24
Disapprove 63 67 70 66
Don’t know 9 8 8 11
Net approve -35 -42 -47 -42

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