Lesser of two evils

Just called NTL, finally deciding to bite the bullet and venture into the world of non-cable broadband.

I’d received an offer from Bulldog to join their 4mb broadband service which has just been rolled out in my area for £19.50 a month for 12 months. Pretty neat, seeing as I’m currently paying £37.50 a month for 3mb with NTL.

Speaking to their retentions department, the overly nice lady asked why I wanted to leave?
Citing the reasons of incompetancy, high prices, capped broadband she sounded a little worried.
I even took the time to explain how last month I received no less than 4 final demands & a man at the door who came and confiscated my digibox for a bill that I paid over a month before.
This had been cleared up and they had apologised profusely, apparently it happened accidently to hundreds of people, their billing system had fouled up. Some consolation that is.

Well, I was adamant I was leaving them. No looking back. ADSL here we come!

But then she played a nasty trick on me..
I mean, who could resist half price broadband for 12 months?
AND half price telephone line rental for the same amount of time.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be so ADSL bound now. Bah. I can always dream.


  1. So does that mean you’re still with NTL but for half price? i.e. £18 Quidditch? Or are now with Bulldog?

    p.s. Stop talking about politics. It’s about as interesting as Margaret Thatcher’s left shoelace.

  2. Politics is showbiz for ugly people; and we all know it.

    Can we all go see The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (with the Luken) when I get back, then all go bowling and eat ice cream with chopsticks..

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