Lies lies lies..

The Sunday Telegraph published a great article entitled “10 Labour lies” and surprisingly they are able to make their argument stick pretty well.

Ken over at the 2005 General Election Blog has a a great, “very true come to think of it” rebuttal to Lie #8.

  • Lie 8: ‘Interest rates halved with Labour’ (Labour poster).
  • The truth: The bank base rate in May 1997 when the Conservatives were last in
    office was 6.25 per cent. The current figure is 4.75 per cent, a fall of around
    a quarter, not a half.

    Labour’s response: Under Labour, interest rates have averaged 5.2 per cent;
    they averaged 10.4 per cent between 1979 and 1997.

    “What a load of disingenuous rubbish. Under that interpretation of ‘falling
    interest rates’, interest rates could have increased every year since
    and Labour could still have claimed that interest rates had fallen
    under Labour.”

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