That’s right. I’m actually on an island called PHUKET

I found a few Nazi shops around here (that’s right, shops where you can buy Nazis) – I’m sloooooowly uploading photos on this “Hi Speed 3gbs internet” which is actually about 256mbs. Phuket was one of the islands heavily hit by the tsunami, although to look around now you’d never think it. It’s also one of the richest parts of Thailand; with some restaurants charging almost as much as you’d pay for a meal in ‘The Real World’.
Yesterday we went on a cruise to where they filmed ‘The Beach’ and went swimming in amongst *loads* of fish — who BIT me! This really discouraged me from holding any vegetarian tendencies toward them, and I made sure to order a really big fish at the market on my arrival back. I’m evil; but phuket.


  1. I like being able to read from you on a relatively regular basis. Makes up for so many lost conversations.

    Quite amazing how much has changed in our lives, and how we’re able to still keep eacother in mind.

    Speaking of change… I’m about 2 months pregnant. It’s amazing, but rather bewildering.

  2. Heya Jackie! wowzer… email me your current address so I can write to you sometime.

    If you ever come to Britain (assuming we could find her) I have to introduce you to Kate Benson… you’re the American version of her. It’s quite creepy.

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