Will fast food kill you?

In Pakistan it will.

Four employees burned to death in the KFC restaurant. Two others died in a cold storage room they had hidden in after riots broke out at a Shia mosque next door. The restaurant was attacked because of its proximity to the mosque. KFC outlets, closely identified with the US, are frequently targeted during anti-American riots in Pakistan.

As if it’s not bad enough to be doing slave labour anyway, it must be more than a kick in the nuts to be killed doing your crappy job.

I’m doing some investigative journalism right now, I’m about to call KFC’s corporate headquarters in Louisville to see what that have to say about this..more on that later..

Update: KFC corporate headquarters advised me that they had no comment at this time. Typical.

Push & shove

Ken Young writes a good article in todays Online section of The Guardian in which he makes many valid points. The main one being “Why are mobile users being kept waiting so long for push technology?”

Push technology is what a Blackberry prides itself on. You are alerted to a new email just like a text message, it brings itself in, you don’t have to send/receive or “check for new emails” every 5 minutes, it pushes itself to your device which means there is significantly less data transfer and in this world of £4/mb gprs this can make a sizeable difference in your bills and is a hell of a lot more convenient too.

As Ken rightly states in his article, it is more than likely the changes to the MS exchange server that is taking the time rather than updates to the OS, this seems like a logical explaination as the exchange server is a pretty serious piece of kit and changes to it cannot just be chucked out into the wild relatively untested as it will be exploited.

Conceptual pub crawl

I’ve been an admirer of Barrie J Davis’ work for a while now, and when I saw this article on the BBC News website I thought it was a work of art in itself.

Barrie is organising a mass pub crawl in Cardiff on Friday 27th May, starting off at City Road (doesn’t stipulate which pub, watch this space) in the name of gaining fresh ideas for his conceptual art.

Barries’ art is way out there, I do accept it requires an acquired taste, but you really can get a feel of where he is coming from with some pieces and this whole pub crawl idea sounds great fun too :)