t-minus 5..4..3..2..

Yes, it’s that day tomorrow, election day. My first general election.
I haven’t firmly made up my mind yet on who I am going to vote for and will be doing some extensive reading today to come to a conclusion.
What I can say however is that it is a definite toss-up between the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. Though I’m more inclined to vote for the former as I know more about them and their policies. I wouldn’t even be considering the Greens if it weren’t for that stupid poll.

Here is a great page for comparing the parties that I am considering and each of their standpoints on key issues, I’ve added Labour as a control group. See here


  1. you are ACTUALLY the boy version of me. my first election too, toss between liberal democrats and green peace.
    let’s get married.

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