Election fever

I’ve been out exercising my democratic right, have you?

I have the pictures to prove it, they’ll be posted later.
But, in summary, at 1042am (GMT) my X was struck onto my ballot paper next to Liberal Democrat candidate Gavin Cox, and I’m satisfied with my decision. I would very happily have the LibDems running this country, but, unfortunately, it’s not going to happen this time around, but, watch this space. They are definitely going to be in contention soon.

In other news…

A bomb has gone off outside the UK consulate in Manhattan, New York.
Not too far from where we stayed both times last year and this.
Bombs are a big thing in America, especially in New York, how this could possibly happened in surely going to be subject of a lenghty investigation, especially since New York is now so highly guarded since, well, you know what I mean.
Luckily nobody was hurt, there was only one person in the consulate at the time, but it will certainly leave many with shattered nerves.

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