Paxman vs Galloway

Wow, this was a very harsh little squabble.
It went on at 0615am on live television, just after George Galloway had been been confirmed as elected in his new constituency of Bethnal Green & Bow with his own party, Respect.

Paxman is known for his intangible interviewing techniques, but I think this was just childish and totally against the BBC’s policies of impartiality.
Paxman was blatantly just heckling him and wasting the mans time trying to make him look like a fool, which, to be honest, he didn’t.
Paxman just made himself look idiotic.

See the transcript here

On a lighter note..
Catherine Taylor-Dawson of the Vote for yourself Dream ticket party scored the lowest possible vote ever, in the constituency of Cardiff North (she also stood in Cardiff West, South & Central), with just 1 vote. See here

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