IE Hell

God I hate Internet Explorer so much.
I added some new code to the site this morning, as usual everything worked fine in Firefox, but because IE is so primative and does not interpret all CSS correctly, it was constantly making the site look like a load of balls.

Word from Micro$oft is that IE7 will address a load of issues with the incompatiblities it has with CSS, but beta tests are not even due to start until the late summer, so we have a long wait until their program is even close to being up to date.

CSS2 has been compatible with other browsers for years now, since about the turn of the century. So why is it that Microsoft are so far behind with the standards? It really boggles the mind.
It keeps the web a step behind as you cannot start adding complex CSS scripting which works fine in more competent browsers because there is always going to be the problem that the masses (90% or so) that still use MSIE are going to complain it doesn’t work. So you have to go back to using basic CSS thus depriving everybody, including those who use competent browsers, of viewing webpages the way that the designer intended it them be seen.

It really does hack me off.

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