Proof that computers peddle filth

I’ve been enjoying the content that developers have been submitting to the BBC Backstage project.
The project is based on the decision that the beeb has made to open up their news website with an API and the relaxing of their licensing and terms & conditions to go with it. These now allow us normal people to use our initiative and varying types of expertise to develop scripts that use content from the BBC News website to do things that hadn’t previously been thought of.

Simons Cozens had the great idea of using the API to extract names from the BBC News website, tally up how many mentions each gets and then display them in order of popularity along with the links to the stories and pictures of the person.

But, sadly computers don’t have the ability, not really anyway, to filter for pictures which could be termed as pornographic, as we see in the picture that is displayed for Saddam Hussein, a modification dubbed ‘Saddam Insane’.

Other than that, the idea is pretty neat and something that I may perhaps try to emulate and build on (I have visions of a “top ten chart” displaying on my right hand navbar).

BBC Backstage is a great idea and something that the internet community should be really grateful for and will help the internet to grow and develop at a rapid rate, I would imagine.

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