I know what I like…

Now I don’t play much Playstation.
I own a PS2 and only actually play one game on it, or at least, one series of game on it, and thats Grand Theft Auto, a game which I simply cannot be parted from, I can sit there for hours.

I much prefer the PC for gaming, Medal of Honour, Halflife, Doom3 etc.

But, Sony today unveiled their PS3, set to debut in Spring 2006 and man, is that looking sexy.


PS3 combines state-of-the-art technologies featuring Cell, a processor jointly developed by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba Corporation, graphics processor (RSX) co-developed by NVIDIA Corporation and SCEI, and XDR memory developed by Rambus Inc. It also adopts BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc ROM) with maximum storage capacity of 54 GB (dual layer) , enabling delivery of entertainment content in full high-definition (HD) quality.
To match the accelerating convergence of digital consumer electronics and computer technology, PS3 supports high quality display in resolution of 1080p(*) as standard, which is far superior to 720p/1080i.

With an overwhelming computing power of 2 teraflops, entirely new graphical expressions that have never been seen before will become possible. In games, not only will movement of characters and objects be far more refined and realistic, but landscapes and virtual worlds can also be rendered in real-time, thereby elevating the freedom of graphics expression to levels not experienced in the past.

Via E3Insider

So in other words, games will come on media that can contain up to 15x more information, which will be output in better than HDTV quality (for screens that support it) and computing at 2 teraflops (2 trillion floating point operations per second) whereas the PS2 was just out of reach of 1 teraflop. This thing really does sound like a beast of computing power that could and will bring us some amazing virtual reality over the next few years.
As long as it’s backwards compatible, and Rockstar North bring out a GTA series game on it, I’m definitely in.


  1. i hear that bluetooth packet sharing is also an option on this latest development by Sony.
    A house full of the latest in Sony products would never run slowly again…
    Is you PS3 running slowly?? well it decides to borrow proccessing power from your sparkly new Sony television… download the full confrence to see it in action :0

  2. It looks like holding that handset for more than 10 minutes would permanently disfigure your hand..

    But damn is that sexy!

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