I would go out tonight…

Afternoon all!
Greetings from the southern hemisphere!

You know what, the water really does go down the drain the opposite way here, how odd is that!

Anywho, unfortunately this island is still quite in the dark ages so internet access is few and far between, have managed to find a cafe whilst in the capital for a day, but other than that, zilch. Nevermind though, I can flickr all my photos when I get back. No great loss.

The weather is still nice, even though this their winter.

Parasailing rocks.
60ft high being pulled at 60mph+ by a speedboat, wooo, the pictures are funny to say the least.

I’m back July 3rd, and this will probably be my first and final blog entry from here so, toodleoo!

ask me ask me ask me

Hello all!
Am posting from the departure lounge of Heathrow Airport, London.

Shall soon be on our 12 hour flight to Mauritus.
Wifi costs are really extortionate, but, as we can see from the way that I have paid. Hmm.

I’ve never been in the southern hemisphere before, so it shall be an experience. However, it’s boiling hot here at the moment so getting a glimpse of it already.


I’ll try to post from over there, but no promises as its apparently a rather un-developed island so they may not have any (good) links to the ‘net.

Cya’ll soon!

a murderous desire

Why is it that parents feel it OK to overlook some of the most exciting details of their pasts, and obviously blatantly ignoring everything about you too?

For the past 6 or 7 years, The Smiths has been blaring out of my bedroom, and it seems that until last week, nobody else in the family had even acknowledged this.
My father then last week felt the need to ask me “So, do you like The Smiths?”

Well, duh!

He then revealed some staggering facts, some facts that, well, I can’t decide whether I’m real excited because of it, or angry at him for keeping it from me for so long.
Apparently, he has been hiding dozens of original LP’s of theirs, albums & singles.

He even has the first album, The Smiths, from 1983, apparently bought on the day of release, hidden away up in the attic with the (approximately) 10,000 other albums by cool 80′s bands. :D

After spending hours digging through everything in the attic last week, I pulled them all out. The discs are immaculate, not a scratch on any of them, neither have the covers of got so much as a folded edge. My god.

Let me tell you something, if you like The Smiths, you will never truly appreciate them, until you have heard their records coming from “Ye Olde Tyme” record player. They were not a band designed for CD.
I couldn’t believe my ears, it sounded so different, so raw, it was like hearing totally new songs.

Perhaps I’m getting a little theatrical over this, but hell, it’s a passion of mine, I’m allowed to.

Now, to decide the fate of my father.
To love him, or hate him? :P

ADSL sucks after all

I knew it was too good to be true.
Turns out I can’t get Bulldog 8mb broadband after all, and it’s not for an amazingly convincing reason either.
I’ve worked out that there is just 140 metres between me and 8mb. In those 140 metres, the capability drops from 8mb to just 1mb, so it looks like I’m stuck with 3mb cable.

The way that it works is that you have to be less than 2km from your local adsl enabled telephone exchange.
According to the adsl checker website, samknows.com, I am 2.14km from the exchange at Stadium House in Cardiff city centre (the big white building next to the Millennium Stadium to those who know it).
.14km works out to be 0.0869919669 miles, which works out to be 140 metres, a distance that Linford Christie could run in about 12 seconds. Bah.

Spank my ass and call me Susan!

Well, I finally decided to give up on old NT’hell.
After years of grief, and the odd happy occassion, I’ve handed in my notice.

Their prices really do not justify their service any more.
They used to, a long while ago, but now that BT’s local loop has been unbundled in my area, there is a price war going on between the adsl providers, and winning it is Bulldog.

I signed up with Bulldog on Sunday, a great offer on their fastest service, 4mb. £30 a month including line rental and unlimited calls, something for which I was paying in excess of almost £70 a month with ntl, and the broadband is faster too by a whole mb.

Well, I go to the bulldog website today, and am shocked to find that I am no longer getting 4mb, they’ve changed their services.

I’m now to get 8mb! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
God bless Bulldog and LLU :D

Now, I’ve not used ADSL at home before, I’ve worked with it, on the technical side, and Laura has it at her house, so I have used it extensively, but I do still find it a little fickle compared to cable broadband, but I suppose I’ll just have to get used to the fact you effectively have to “dial up”. Though, thinking about it, that won’t really be the case as I’ll be buying a new router for my network to work with it. (Cable and ADSL routers are different so will need to replace mine)