Spank my ass and call me Susan!

Well, I finally decided to give up on old NT’hell.
After years of grief, and the odd happy occassion, I’ve handed in my notice.

Their prices really do not justify their service any more.
They used to, a long while ago, but now that BT’s local loop has been unbundled in my area, there is a price war going on between the adsl providers, and winning it is Bulldog.

I signed up with Bulldog on Sunday, a great offer on their fastest service, 4mb. £30 a month including line rental and unlimited calls, something for which I was paying in excess of almost £70 a month with ntl, and the broadband is faster too by a whole mb.

Well, I go to the bulldog website today, and am shocked to find that I am no longer getting 4mb, they’ve changed their services.

I’m now to get 8mb! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
God bless Bulldog and LLU :D

Now, I’ve not used ADSL at home before, I’ve worked with it, on the technical side, and Laura has it at her house, so I have used it extensively, but I do still find it a little fickle compared to cable broadband, but I suppose I’ll just have to get used to the fact you effectively have to “dial up”. Though, thinking about it, that won’t really be the case as I’ll be buying a new router for my network to work with it. (Cable and ADSL routers are different so will need to replace mine)


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