ADSL sucks after all

I knew it was too good to be true.
Turns out I can’t get Bulldog 8mb broadband after all, and it’s not for an amazingly convincing reason either.
I’ve worked out that there is just 140 metres between me and 8mb. In those 140 metres, the capability drops from 8mb to just 1mb, so it looks like I’m stuck with 3mb cable.

The way that it works is that you have to be less than 2km from your local adsl enabled telephone exchange.
According to the adsl checker website,, I am 2.14km from the exchange at Stadium House in Cardiff city centre (the big white building next to the Millennium Stadium to those who know it).
.14km works out to be 0.0869919669 miles, which works out to be 140 metres, a distance that Linford Christie could run in about 12 seconds. Bah.


  1. Man!! that really does suck!! u no wot u need 2do………….. MOVE CLOSER TO TOWN!!!!!!!! LoL.

  2. Count yourself lucky, I have two choices of provider and both offer ADSL.

    Jersey Telecom or a company reselling Jersey Telecom packages.

    The packages come in three flavours 512kb, 1mb and 2mb – the cheapest is still £25 a month.

    I pay £45 a month for one mb and the contention is 40:1 although there are no caps on bandwidth use.

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