Noise & Confusion ’05 #2


Well, the tickets went on sale yesterday and as usual, I forgot.
I woke up at 945 and the tickets had gone on sale at 9am.

I wanted standing tickets, seating sucks. Period.

Ticketmaster: Sold out
Seetickets: Sold out
Ticketline: Sold out

Fuck. Well, I’ll just buy seating tickets, sell them on eBay and use the money raised from those to pay for ridiculously overpriced standing tickets from eBay.

So, I buy 6 seated tickets. Upper tier (ie. 1,000 feet high, Dave Grohl looks about 2 inches tall).

Purchase confirmed.

Kate signs onto MSN Messenger.

Kate: Nate, I’ve found standing tickets on a website, get there quick
Me: Fuck. Bollox. Shit. Cunt. Pussylicker.

Fine. I’ll buy 6 more tickets and sell my seated ones on eBay.

Purchase confirmed.

So now, I have approximately 37,000 tickets for 6 people and a helluva credit card bill to look forward to. Bah.

crashing bores

What really lies beyond the constraints of my mind?
Could it be the sea, with fate mooning back at me.
No it’s just more lock jawed pop stars, Thicker than pig shit, Nothing to convey
They’re so scared to show intelligence, It might smear their lovely career

This world, I am afraid, Is designed for crashing bores, I am not one.

Wi-fi freeloading

“A British court has fined a man £500 ($870, €720) for using a residential wireless broadband connection without permission.

In what is believed to be the first conviction of its kind in the UK, a jury at Isleworth, Middlesex court found Gregory Straszkiewicz, 24, guilty of dishonestly obtaining an electronic communications service and possessing equipment for fraudulent use of a communications service.”

From Digital-lifestyles

Well I’ll be. Although I don’t tend to do this, I will own up and say that when I’m in an area where I have a choice between T-Mobile/BTOpenzone at £6 an hour or an open network which will cost me zilch (ie. JFK Airport) I know which one I have gone for, I didn’t think it to be serious crime though. Although, I can understand and sympathise to a certain extent, as I wouldn’t like somebody jacking my router (which, as it happens is 802.11g+ wi-fi with no security at all) and using my bandwith. But, the outcome of this case has surprised me a little.