G8? Not so Gr8.

Edinburgh is taking a bit of a hammering at the moment, structurally and reputationally.

After clashes between police and “protesters” (we’ll use the term lightly for now, until I’ve explained) yesterday there is now a bitter war being fought to try and place blame.

There are those who were there who are painting a picture of police brutality, as if there were thousands of people with flowers in their hair, the sun was shining and they were prancing merrily along the street, when, from out of nowhere hundreds of police officers descended upon them for no apparent reason and started to club them like seals.

Then there is the extreme right wing media, the Daily Mail and the Express in particular who are painting a complete negative of the aformentioned story, thousands of hell-bent hoodie-wearing baseball bat clutching asylum seeking gypsie teenage mothers running amok in the streets.

The BBC have as usual tried to be as far and balanced as possible and have come up with the stance that I think I can most agree with, the usual conclusion really, and it is this, thousands turn up to protest peacefully, but there is a minority that are bent on creating violence, they go on to do so, thus smearing the entire campaign.

Why on earth, days before world leaders arrive in the vicinity, would police go out of their way to attract world attention to the fact that the British are misbehaving again and they’ve had to resort to violent action to subdue them?

Why would thousands of people come to Edinburgh just to create violence in the vicinity of the area that world leaders who can influence the changes that they want, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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