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I felt that I had to do something about the state of affairs at BBC Wales, their news site is just getting out of control, they worship the ground that Charlotte Church walks on, and it’s not healthy.

From: Collins, Nathan
Sent: 12 July 2005 13:07
Subject: Charlotte Church

Why does BBC Wales feel it so necessary to give us almost blanket coverage of everything that is going on in the life of the not-quite-a-diva Charlotte Church?
Wales has far more interesting artists and bands, why not cover the up and coming bands rather than giving Miss Church the attention that should be left to the weekly celebrity glossies.


Nathan Collins


If you read the ‘Wales’ section at you will no-doubt agree with me, anything that Church does is reported on.
Church remembers Irish roots, Church does gig in HMV, Church’s stepsister cleared of robbery, Church may hire bodyguard, Charlotte ‘offered cocaine at 13’, Charlotte’s big night out. And so on..

But seriously, who cares? This isn’t news. If I wanted to know about the life of a half-witted Z-list, so called “celebrity”, I would be in Tesco buying one of the 10,000 celebrity magazines that they have on offer, it’s not like they’re in short supply.

Also, to update an earlier post, the picture on the right is what Charlotte Church actually looks like, pre-photoshop. Go on, tell me I’m not right.


  1. In reply to Pinkfin..Charlotte Church has a ‘voice of an angel’ and is some really rich chav from Cardiff.

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