The boy who didn’t stand out

Reading the (from the front page of today’s Guardian) really has shocked me quite a bit, Hasib Hussain, the person that was behind the Number 30 bus boming at Tavistock Square, London, really was “the boy next door”.
Born in Britain, raised in Britain, just a normal British person living a typical life.

He wasn’t at all like Bush/Blair etc made out the 9/11 attackers to be like, the type of people that we have been told to look out for, to be wary of. This boy had friends, had not long gotten out of high-school. Not at all like the “terrorists” that we have been drip-fed images of over the past 4 year, trained at Al-Qaeda camps in the dusty deserts of Afghanistan, gun-toting murderous Arabs.

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  1. Dear Buttercup,

    I realize that at your tender age of 21, you still have the sophomoric tendency to write of your ‘shocking’ experiences. I also know it isn’t very pleasant to allow facts to interfere with your judgement of authority figures such as Bush and Blair, since such internal conflicts result in the need for ‘big-people’ thoughts. You might actually have to concede that Bush and Blair are RESPONSIBLE for making the tough decisions that keep you and I safe.

    Do you think you are deserving of their efforts? I have my doubts about you, but there’s hope.

    Here’s a little newsflash – there are groups of militant Muslim assholes out in the world that want to kill ALL of the non-muslims (conversion to Islam isn’t an option). So, Nathan, unless you are in the habit of getting down on a little rug to pray in the direction of Mecca, that includes you. While you’re at it, include the lives of your friends and all of the Collins family.

    Tell you what – go find some of these Muslim boneheads, and learn the extent to which the words ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ are embraced by their philosophy/religion/whatever. Ask ‘em about the 72-virgin martyr’s reward, and how that figures into their viewpoints on social issues for women.

    Despite my disgust for your bullshit viewpoints, I’d still fight to save your life. You see, it would be my RESPONSIBILITY. If that is confusing for you, let me know and I’ll explain it to you.

    With disdain,


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