The stamina camera!


I loved the tagline so much I just had to buy it :p
But seriously, I’ve had enough of always being without a real digital camera (since the battery cover broke on my Nikon, it still works, but the cover has to be held on by a piece of sellotape), 1.3mp phones just don’t cut it, no matter how much I’ve persevered, so I decided I would splash out on a new camera for myself and decided to go with the Fuji F10.

The latest addition to Fujifilms’ compact 6.3 megapixel range, it is the first to sport their new Super CCD HR sensor (oooh!) which means that the camera apparently works about 10x faster than any of their previous models. 0.01 second shutter reaction time and only 1 second turn on time too! Ooooh!

Should be arriving tomorrow, so hopefully will be able to play around with it and give you my expert opinion :P

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