Shitty tipper database

Reading Jason Kottke’s entry regarding the “Shitty Tipper Database“, I too believe that this is a greivous breach of customer confidentiality. If it was hosted over here in the UK, it would contravene data protection laws and the person responsible would be liable to criminal charges, could this be the case in the USA, I know that they have data protection laws, but to what extent I don’t know?

Plus, I’d like to refer to a particular scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs, if I could please..

Mr. Pink:
Uh-uh. I don’t tip.

Nice Guy Eddie:
Whaddaya mean you don’t tip?

I don’t believe in it.

You don’t believe in tipping?

Mr. Blue:
Do you have any idea what these
ladies make? They make shit.

Don’t give me that. She don’t
make enough money, she can quit.

I don’t even know a Jew who’d have
the balls to say that. So let’s
get this straight. You never ever

I don’t tip because society says I
gotta. I tip when somebody
deserves a tip. When somebody
really puts forth an effort, they
deserve a little something extra.
But this tipping automatically,
that shit’s for the birds. As far
as I’m concerned, they’re just
doin their job.

Mr. Blue:
Our girl was nice.

Our girl was okay. She didn’t do
anything special.

What’s something special, take ya
in the kitchen and suck your dick?

They all laugh.

I’d go over twelve percent for

Look, I ordered coffee. Now we’ve
been here a long fuckin time, and
she’s only filled my cup three
times. When I order coffee, I
want it filled six times.

Mr. Blonde:
What if she’s too busy?

The words “too busy” shouldn’t be
in a waitress’s vocabulary.

Excuse me, Mr. Pink, but the last
thing you need is another cup of

They all laugh.

These ladies aren’t starvin to
death. They make minimum wage.
When I worked for minimum wage, I
wasn’t lucky enough to have a job
that society deemed tipworthy.

Ahh, now we’re getting down to it.
It’s not just that he’s a cheap

Mr. Orange:
–It is that too–

–It is that too. But it’s also
he couldn’t get a waiter job. You
talk like a pissed off dishwasher:
“Fuck those cunts and their
fucking tips.”

So you don’t care that they’re
counting on your tip to live?

Mr. Pink rubs two of his fingers together.

Do you know what this is? It’s
the world’s smallest violin,
playing just for the waitresses.

You don’t have any idea what
you’re talking about. These
people bust their ass. This
is a hard job.

So’s working at McDonald’s, but
you don’t feel the need to tip
them. They’re servin ya food, you
should tip em. But no, society
says tip these guys over here, but
not those guys over there. That’s

Mr. Orange:
They work harder than the kids at

Oh yeah, I don’t see them cleaning

Mr. Brown:
These people are taxed on the tips
they make. When you stiff ’em,
you cost them money.

Waitressing is the number one
occupation for female non-college
graduates in this country. It’s
the one jab basically any woman
can get, and make a living on.
The reason is because of tips.

Fuck all that.

They all laugh.

Hey, I’m very sorry that the
government taxes their tips.
That’s fucked up. But that ain’t
my fault. it would appear that
waitresses are just one of the
many groups the government fucks
in the ass on a regular basis.
You show me a paper says the
government shouldn’t do that, I’ll
sign it. Put it to a vote, I’ll
vote for it. But what I won’t do
is play ball. And this non-
college bullshit you’re telling
me, I got two words for that:
“Learn to fuckin type.” Cause if
you’re expecting me to help out
with the rent, you’re in for a big
fuckin surprise.

Edited: Corrected dialogue. Almost all referenced to Mr. Blonde changed to Mr. Blue :) Thanks for the pointers commenters


  1. I thought ‘STD’ was quite a fitting name for it.

    If I make £1 tip a day I’d consider myself lucky, and it rarely ever happens. There was a guy on that site complaining because he *ONLY* got tipped 15 dollars! wtf?!??

  2. Yes, but in UK, the living you make don’t depend on the tips. The salary of a service industry worker in Quebec (canada) for instance, is the equivalent of 3,08 pounds.`That’s before you pay taxes! So the unwritten rule here is that you tip around 15% of the bill’s value.

    One thing’s for sure, it ensure a better service cause I’m busting my ass for EVERY table!

  3. tipping should be as it is in europe,they put on
    the end of your bill,so everybody knows what they
    owe and it is much better . i grew up in amsterdam and it works perfectly,when i moved to
    the usa i was surprised they did not have it here.
    they should start it here right NOW

  4. I think you’re confusing Mr. Blonde’s lines w/ Mr. White’s. Blonde is Madsen, White is Keitel.

  5. Well, waiting tables is the one job in the US (that I know of) where it’s legal *not* to pay the person minimum wage. Most of ’em make a little over $2 an hour. The rest comes from tips.

    I figure it all evens out anyway. If the resteraunts had to pay their servers more, then the price of the food would be higher, So you’d be paying pretty much the same money. I don’t tip if I get bad service, but I will leave a little something if it’s good service, more if it’s great.

    I do hate that it’s pretty much expected that you tip, and that you’re made to feel obligated to do so, but I blame the industry for that, not the servers. They’re just out there trying to make a living like the rest of us and deserve to do that just as much as we do.

  6. I will tell you as a waitress, that tips is the one thing we do rely on to live, because 2.13 an hour won’t get anyone far. But the major thing is unless you get shitty service, because most waitresses know when the mess up, then if you don’t leave a tip, your face will be remembered and the next time you come in, they won’t be too worried about providing you with their best service, because its not worth it, so you should always tip something.

  7. As an aussie I just have to say I don’t get the whole tipping notion.

    In this country 100 years ago minimum wage was set to a level that anybody could live of. You wouldn’t have a great life but you would survive.

    Why can’t they just do this in the states? Sure you would pay more straight up for food but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you had tipped enough

  8. Dead on – I’m an Aussie too – and I noticed on a recent trip to the US (various large cities and smaller towns) that tipping was expected – regardless of good or bad service!

    The service I got there was certainly no better for what I get “for free” at home – In fact some was down right CRAP and it was done with such a “fuck it – I can treat you like shit, but you have to tip me anyway” attitude…

  9. So restaurants expect their clients to essentially pay a good part of their employees’ salaries (!) Whether the service was good or bad, the food exquisite or just stomach filler, the atmosphere classy or run-down … right? After all, the waiter/waitress did do their job, so they deserve it (!?) How about restaurants start paying these people decent wages to begin with and maybe they’ll end up with lower turover rates too among staff. Yeah, the restaurant business is tough and competitive but to those who can’t take the heat, well, as the saying goes, get out of the kitchen, literally!

    For most of us doing unpaid overtime and also busting our rears at sometimes crappy thankless jobs where tipe are only a dream, being forced to tip for a lousy evening out is the ultimate insult. Here in Montreal, our close to 14% federal and provincial tax bill added to a 15% tip amounts to almost a 30% surcharge on that food, which is fckng ridiculous! Too many restaurant meals today are formulaic crap anyway, everyone’s in a rush to make a quick buck in this business as anywhere. There are precious few spots where you are treated like a special guest, too many are little more than overpriced glorified cafeterias.

    To the poor waiters and waitresses out there, I know your plight, I used to be one too. Get a factory or retail job that pays at least minimum wage and don’t expect your customers to subsidize the salary your cheap boss won’t pay you. Things are as they are because you allow them to treat you like dirt.

    Many people don’t tip, not because of the service, but because the food is often crap or the place dirty, or the music too loud or the darn place is cold and drafty or simply looks like a some kitsch nightmare from a bad 70s movie. So instead of giving you a 5% tip for your service out of the 15% you “expect” (ahheem) and insult you with this, people leave nada.

    Remember, eating out has to be an experience on ALL counts, your service is a big part of it but certainly not all.

  10. Tipping is an antiquated custom that winds up irritating customers and servers alike. Like doing your taxes each year, it’s a waste of time and money. They should be abolished. Pay a reasonable wage to the servers, and pass the cost onto the meal. Give us a single price, and skip the tip, service charges, etc. Simplify the dining experience, which will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

  11. Tipping should be banned!!!!!!!!!.. If a waiter/waitress is tipped even 15% of every bill, they would be making more then most college graduates. At a nice restaurant the bill can easily exceed $200 for 4 people. A waiter has 4 to 6 tables. Usually it takes about an hour to order and eat the meal. If a waiter has only 20 parties a night that would generate at 15%, $600 and at 20%, $800. Not bad for someone that, with minimal training, can walk in off the street and display good manners while serving the diners.

  12. Tipping is bullshit. Another fee made the consumers responsibility, I’m tired of this bullshit. If we were supposed to tip, then it should be in the total fee. Tips are supposed to be gratuity, for something special, for extra service. If you’re doing you’re just doing your job, then it’s not my responsibility to make sure you get your payment, and no, just being nice isn’t something extra, it’s doing your job.

    I do tip waiters/waitress though, not more than 15%, but it’s really only out of niceness. However this whole forced tips (or be considered an asshole) bullshit is getting out of hand. Now take out orders, delivery…etc also require a tip? fuck you…

    The other day, I had a very convenient experience at a barber, and he refused to take my tip. Yet a delivery guy would start throwing in insulting lines if I tip him $2. I know many of them don’t get paid enough and get tax’ed by the gov, but hey, it ain’t my fucking fault, get another job. Tips are no longer for something special or extra, they are there so the customers won’t get treated like an asshole.

  13. I thought servers in Canada got paid around $8/hr. Anyway, I see both sides of the tipping argument even though I’m a server. (and a damn good one) However, accepting service and agreeing to tip for said service is part of the social contract that one enters into when they eat out. Don’t agree? Don’t go out to eat. it’s simple. I mean, if you dont want to tip then you shouldn’t accept the service. Tell your server when they come to greet you that you simply want them to take the order and enter it into the computer. You’ll go get the drinks from the bar, the food when its ready, extra sauces if you need them, refills, etc. You’ll flag her down when youre ready to pay and hopefully you have exact change cuz it may be a few minutes for her to get you change. maybe if the cheap assholes who actually accept the service but don’t pay for it started doing that, the industry would start paying us more. Then the meals would be more expensive, though. So it evens out. AnywaY, \END RANT.

  14. @Biff… You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. On an INSANELY busy double shift at the average restaurant most servers won’t ring more than $4,000. If you do get 20% off each table (highly unlikely), you still tip out 5% of your sales to the support staff (adding up to $200 for the aforementioned sales) and get charged a percentage off each credit card charge made (can make a HUGE difference between a mostly cash and most plastic night). Add in the taxes you pay off that income later and you come out with about $500 bones for a 15 hour shift.

    And remember. That is with sales of $4000. Most days at the place I work we ring about $700 on a mildly crappy shift and $1700 on a good one. $2000 in sales is an exceptional shift (or a cocktail shift—- they make mad change). You have to break your back OPEN turning and burning and sweating your ass off on that kind of shift. When you tip 20% off your check your server is making about 14% off your check. Why is it such a trouble to just… tip?

    I never had issues with this before I worked in the industry and only began to realize that some people DIDN’T do this when I started waiting tables. I’ve never understood it. Unless you get TERRIBLE service, what’s the harm? It’s your own opportunity to say “thanks” for someone literally kissing your ass for two hours.

    But people are assholes. I can assure you, waitstaff can spot a bad tipper the second they walk in the door. They’re either rude from the beginning (y’know, as if they resent that they’re being FORCED to sit and have this irritating asshole ‘waiter’ person ask them questions and bring them food) or kind of nice but foreign. Newsflash: not everything works the way you may want it to, but by going out to eat you are taking part in the system you claim to disagree with, and the waitstaff shouldn’t have to suffer because you don’t think we deserve to be PAID to wipe your ass.

  15. you people complaining of tipping and suggesting that the owner pay higher wages.

    Well if the owner added 15% to each item and paid the server more than minimum and No tipping was done, the business owner would be loosing his ass. That 15% he would have to pay the staff would increase his workmans comp and fed/state taxes. This is why they dont pay higher than minimum. It actually is CHEAPER for the consumer to tip on thier own and keep the owner out of any higher wages. He would have to pass on all those taxes and fees to your meal, in addition to the built in tip.
    just tip 10-20percent and all would be happy. if you dont like to tip, then dont go out to eat.

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